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All About Black & White Photography

Updated: Jun 15

Why Photographers Prefer Using Black And White Pictures

Why do we love black and white photography?

What is it about black and white photographs? During the early days of photography, black and white was a necessity. Photographers did not have access to the technologies of modern times. Even though the first colour photographs appeared in the middle of the 19th century, our enduring romance with black and white continues to this day.

I find black and white often more authentic than colour , Black and white pictures seem to touch us more, to hold more resonance and to be somehow ‘truer’ to their subject than colour images.

Black and white pictures are often seen as being artier and more creative. Of course, there’s no reason to think this way – colour shots can be equally artistic. Black and white seemed to evoke a different emotion than the pictures in colour. There is just something magical about the whole process and end result.

Removing attention from colours

The human eye is instantly attracted to colour, colour saturated pictures can confuse the eye—sometimes there’s simply too much going on if the colour is not part of the subject. Photographers usually use black and white pictures to capture human emotions.

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New perspective

The world is in colour, and hence, colour photography is much more descriptive and realistic than black and white photography. We have being seeing a colourful world since we were born, so black and white images show a version of reality that seems much more creative and give us an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, almost with a child’s eye. It might involve interesting shadows, unusual relationships, etc.

Top Reasons Photographers Prefer Using Black And White Pictures


Black and white pictures are capable of transcending reality and by transporting us to a place that transcends the here and now, black and white pictures can convey more universal themes. They are, quite literally, able to speak across the generations. It alters your perception and shows you the world in a different light.

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Adding mystery & generating drama : Mood & Emotions

Black and white photography is also a great way to emphasize emotions and add more drama to an environment. Our eyes tend to look for faces and expressions, without colour, this effect is even more accentuated, simply black and white pictures somehow convey emotion in a way that colour images simply can’t. At the same time black and white photographs changes perspectives, it can give mystery to a photo.

Andrea Kevichusa

Colour dominates the world, but black and white pictures are a mood that cannot be expressed in mere words. Portraits in particular appear stronger by the reduction.

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